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Case Study - Retail

A corporate head office technical support team needs to send and receive operational information to each of its 200 retail franchise stores with electronic data on a daily basis. Currently they use a remote access application and dial in to each franchise via phone modems. Recently, a growing number of franchise locations have replaced their phone modems and switched to high speed internet connections.

When the support team ran tests with 10 of the franchise locations using high-speed internet access they were able to receive information from each of the franchise stores but were unable to automatically send information to 8 of the 10 franchise locations. Two of the franchise locations purchased static IP addresses (at an additional cost of $80.00/month) with their high speed internet access package. The other 8 stores were assigned a dynamic IP address only by their ISP.

The support team at the corporate head office needed to come up with a way to track the IP addresses of the franchise locations that were assigned dynamic IP addresses.

They first tried to track the IP addresses manually but the process became very time consuming and they needed operator intervention at the franchise store location to tell them what their current IP address was for the internet connection.

They investigated purchasing static IP addresses at the other 8 store locations but found that most ISPs did not provide static IP addresses in their area. Then one of the support team members suggested trying DynIP - a software application he had used at home to automatically track his dynamic IP address for his web server. DynIP offered a 30 day trial so they could try the application for free.

The technical support team had the 8 franchise store locations download and install the DynIP Client on their computers. They registered an Internet Name in the software ( They tested connecting to each store by their Internet Name rather than the IP address with the remote access application. They were able to connect instantly and send and receive the operational data.

After this successful test, the corporate head office switched all franchise stores to high speed internet access and purchased a corporate license package for the DynIP software. They were able to save long distance charges and they also achieved additional savings by discontinuing the static IP addresses that some of the franchise stores were paying significant monthly fees.

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