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Using DynIP software at home

Home users of DynIP software can leverage their high-speed Internet service to achieve new levels of productivity, flexibility and control. Users who have high-speed Internet service can use DynIP software to explore new opportunities such as:
  • setting up a home webcam
  • establishing a personal Web or FTP server (the home computer, not the ISP, being the server)
  • talking over the Internet with voice conferencing software
  • running a personal mail server
  • building servers for multi-player network games or chat
  • connecting to friends in peer-to-peer networking configurations
  • accessing corporate VPN networks for working from home
And all at a surprisingly low cost!

Note: Although DynIP is an integral part of your Internet solution, you will still require a few other pieces. For example, to host a web site you need web server software or to run a mail server you will require mail server software
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