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Using DynIP software for business

Business users of DynIP can achieve significant savings over conventional business IP addressing with all of the flexibility and control. Many business users find the single biggest benefit to using DynIP software is its much lower cost when compared to establishing a static IP address. How will you use DynIP software? Here are some examples:
  • protecting your assets with remote security cameras
  • connecting to a client's computer system through remote access (like Symantec's PCAnywhere)
  • keeping track of branch office print servers
  • controlling and running mail servers
  • managing web or FTP servers
  • running online video conferencing
  • talking over the Internet with voice conferencing software
  • linking remote offices together with VPN networks
And don't forget about saving money!

DynIP Enterprise Edition - The Ultimate in Customized Dynamic DNS freedom
You can also customize your DynIP Service with your own domain name. Our DynIP Enterprise Edition is available for $159.95US/year (just $13.00US/month). This package comes complete with all the tools you will need to manage your domain and unlimited free technical support. DynIP Enterprise also includes Email SafeguardTM (mail store and forward) and Web Redirection. Here are 4 easy steps to get you on your way to using your own domain name.

Save time and money with our Corporate License Packs!
DynIP has corporate licensing plans available for larger applications. License Packs can be customized to any size (minimum of 10).
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Note: Although DynIP is an integral part of your Internet solution, you will still require a few other pieces. For example, to host a web site you need web server software or to run a mail server you will require a mail server.
Right at home with Remote Access
Find out how DynIP can help you extend the reach of your computer's remote software

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By choice or by chance you're offline...
Do you know where your e-mails are?

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