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Considering your own Internet domain name

What you should know...

Contrary to popular belief, having your own internet domain name, like, is not just about being cool.

If youíre wondering whether you should register a personalized domain name, consider the following questions:

  • Does there come a time when you shouldnít take piggyback rides?

  • Have you ever had trouble finding a parking spot in a major cityís downtown?

If you answered Ďyesí to either one of these questions, then read on, because youíre not far from arriving at a decision about getting your own domain name.

What picture are you creating?

If you are still pondering the merits of owning a personalized domain name, chances are your e-mail address looks something like While your current e-mail address might not present a picture of you hitching a ride on your service providerís back, it does contribute to the impression your web friends, customers and business associates have of you.

Your internet image should be important to you, especially if your business involves communicating by e-mail, maintaining a website, or conducting e-commerce. With so many people relying on the web for product and service support, itís important to make sure that all aspects of your presence on the internet, including your e-mail and website addresses, are consistent with your business image.

Weíre not suggesting your internet contacts will think the worst of you, but just consider: 1) your contacts can readily conclude that youíre not among their contacts who own their own domain names, and 2) youíve created a situation that prominently advertises your internet service provider at your expense Ė thatís like prominently displaying the name of your telephone company on your business card or office sign. Is that the kind of image you want to portray?

Increase your resources

Having your own domain name doesnít just present you as a professional, internet-savvy person. It also provides new internet tools. For example, you can use e-mail aliases, like,, or, to help sort and prioritize incoming mail, indicate the size of your organization and accommodate additional staff. You can even switch internet service providers whenever you have a chance to get better service or lower fees, because your internet domain name-linked address will always remain unchanged.

Around the virtual block

Since becoming a household word some 10 years ago, the worldwide web has become a pretty crowded place. Reaching the right website address or information source can be as frustrating as trying to find a downtown parking space in a big city.

Sometimes, the person trying to find your website will be persistent, battling through a labyrinth of search engine directions and dead-end addresses. Other times, itís two wrong turns and goodbye.

Itís becoming increasingly important for business site hosts to do everything possible to provide straightforward directions to web travelers. If youíre on a freebie server and your address looks like, youíre not making it easy for visitors.

Without your own domain name, even search engines are less likely to help you. While they donít promote it, an increasing number of search engines are refusing to register sites attached to free website servers. So, your chances of getting into the top 20 on a search list are slim to nil. On the contrary, a well-thought-out domain name, like a nickname or local phone number, can be easily remembered and is more likely to be used.

With the necessary registration, your domain name will be exclusive to you. It is your advertising asset. Your own domain name can help to build your reputation and offer potential customers clear directions to your site information, services or products.

Easy steps to follow

There is a regular registration fee, which can be readily transformed into your investment in better internet usage. DynIPís dynamic DNS services can help you to keep costs down and minimize technical requirements.

Only you can decide whether itís to your benefit to register your own domain name for your e-mail/website addresses. Are you tired of piggyback rides? Do you want your contacts constantly circling the virtual block in search of your site?

Besides, did we mention itís cool having your own domain name?