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Right at home with remote access

Trying to juggle e-files and computer tasks in more than one location? DynIP will make you feel right at home with economical and reliable access to all your remote sites.

DynIP extends the reach of your computer's remote access software (like Symantec's PCAnywhere) and your regular internet service, to give you direct access to all your off-site locations.

Easy to install and easy to use, DynIP will help carry out a wide range of remote functions, including:

  • Central file sharing and among remote location terminals - real savings for hotels and head offices

  • Electronic file transfers between office and office, or home and office - great support for on-the-move business people

  • System maintenance on off-site stations and networks - ideal for IT professionals and consultants

  • Monitoring surveillance images from off-site locations - a valuable resource for asset and security managers

You can always use high-cost networks and time-consuming trips to access your off-site computers. But, with the added benefit of our 30-day free trial period, wouldn't you feel more at home with DynIP?

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