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How It Works

The Service
DynIP is an Internet Name server (Dynamic DNS server) for people with changing Internet addresses. DynIP gives your computer an Internet Name that automatically tracks your computer's number (IP Address) each time you connect to the Internet. The DynIP Client can be used with any kind of Internet connection, including dial-up, cable-modem, ADSL, ISDN, wireless or LAN connections.

DynIP enables you to host your own web site, email server, FTP site and more at your own location even if you have a dynamic IP address. Although DynIP is an integral part of your Internet solution, you will still require a few other pieces. For example, to host a web site you need web server software or to run a mail server you will require a mail server. Please check our Knowledge Base for articles to guide you through the set-up of your DynIP Client with other popular software applications.

The Software
The DynIP DNS software, developed and maintained by our own Technical Staff, is available for a wide range of operating systems. We offer a free 30 day trial registration of the DynIP Basic Service. Our user-friendly system allows you to register an internet name and begin using it within seconds. The software also includes advanced features available with other Service Packages that can be enabled without downloading and reinstalling new software. The installation kit comes complete with a user manual and help guide. The current version is available now in the Download Section of our web site.