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DynIP Advantage

To fully appreciate the advantage of DynIP dynamic addressing solution from CanWeb Internet Services, imagine having to use a public phone for your day-to-day telephone service.

Yes, you could make phone calls. Just find an available phone and dial away. If you want someone to leave you a message, that’s okay. Just dial into your voice mail and check messages.

Then hang up the phone and move on.

The next time you want to check messages, find another public phone.

But no one will be able to call you directly.

For most computer users, getting on the Internet is like that. They connect to a service provider and do what they need to do, checking mail on a remote server and making use of the wide variety of resources available on the World Wide Web.

Most users connecting to the Internet will use a “temporary” Internet Protocol address handed out by their connecting server. These dynamic addresses are just that—dynamic. Each and every time they connect to the Internet, it will be to a different Internet or IP address, which can make it nearly impossible to perform functions where the IP address of the computer being connected is needed, such as running a mail server or a video conference.

Nearly impossible.

But not with the DynIP dynamic addressing solution from CanWeb Internet Services.

With DynIP installed, the global Internet addressing server knows which “public phone” the user is using, automatically directing other users to the specific IP address being used at any given moment. In short, the DynIP solution means the location of an Internet user is always available, a solution that is particularly important if the user is operating a Web server or mail server.

Until the DynIP solution was made available, computer users would need to acquire a static IP address at a cost that is often prohibitive for the average user.

How does DynIP work?

Once loaded on a computer, DynIP “calls home”, continuously sending its IP address connection to a DynIP server. In turn, the DynIP server updates the global DNS directory, letting anyone who is looking for that computer know where to find it.

It’s that simple. And that effective.

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