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What Our Customers Say

"For some time I searched for a program to resolve the difficulty that I was having with regard to dynamic IP address. After much frustration with problematic installations I found on the internet and my troubles were over in a couple of minutes. Thanks DynIP!"
P. McCormack, New Brunswick, Canada

"About 4 Months ago I got ADSL and wanted to use it to its full potential. That is, to post a web site for my family and friends to view and communicate with each other. A friend told me about DynIP. AWESOME! Installed it as a Service and away I went! Re-boot and the software automaticly updated my info, even if I wasn't at my system. I would recommend DynIP to anyone!"
M. McTernen, Washington, USA

"This is a great service, that beats out all of the 'free' ones, keep up the GREAT work!"
DynIP Customer, Ontario, Canada

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