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What Our Customers Say

"I have had great success using the DynIP Pro service. Since I am not able to get DSL in my area due to telco limitations and I still needed higher speed access, I ended up getting a Cable modem. But this imposed certain restrictions on me. Primarily my cable modem provider only provides access with dynamic IP adresses. Since I was setting up our whole domain's access to the Internet I needed something to link my dynamic address to my DNS entries. Then I stumbled upon DynIP. This service solved all my problems. I may even start hosting a few domains. "
J.Copeland, Texas, USA

"Since I am always connected to the internet, and my ISP gives me a dynamic IP address I use my DynIP Internet Name to connect to my server, much easier for VPN!"
B.van Lier, Antwerpen, Belgium

DynIP subscribers are a world-wide group, including: Pompano Beach, USA; Brabant, Belgium; and Moncton, Canada.

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