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What Our Customers Say

"We have a small, non profit company. With all of the options of Internet presences out there, we needed to find the most affordable. DynIP alowed us to save hundreds of dollars and still have our own Web and Email servers under our control. It has provided the reliable, cost effective solution that we needed. Thanks to all the people at DynIP."
B.Hollingsworth, Texas, USA

"DynIP has given me the freedom to do many things that I might not be able to do with a dynamic IP address. In having my own domain name, I have set up a web server for my own personal use and for my church. I also have e-mail which comes directly to my computer. Should any friends of mine need to connect to my ftp, they can do so without having to remember my IP address. All of this is great, but my most prized feature is allowing connectivity from anywhere in the world. If I need a file on my computer, I can connect, login and retrieve anything I need. Having a program that adapts to a constantly changing internet makes Dynip services the most valuable tool I have."
E.Gary, Arizona, USA

"I have had great success using the DynIP Pro service. Since I am not able to get DSL in my area due to telco limitations and I still needed higher speed access, I ended up getting a Cable modem. But this imposed certain restrictions on me. Primarily my cable modem provider only provides access with dynamic IP adresses. Since I was setting up our whole domain's access to the Internet I needed something to link my dynamic address to my DNS entries. Then I stumbled upon DynIP. This service solved all my problems. I may even start hosting a few domains. "
J.Copeland, Texas, USA

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