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What Our Customers Say

"Since I am always connected to the internet, and my ISP gives me a dynamic IP address I use my DynIP Internet Name to connect to my server, much easier for VPN!"
B.van Lier, Antwerpen, Belgium

DynIP subscribers are a world-wide group, including: Pompano Beach, USA; Brabant, Belgium; and Moncton, Canada.

"I started using DynIP about 3 years ago. I can honestly say this is one of the few software packages, and services, that has worked flawlessly. I am equally impressed with the knowledge level, and help both the sales team and the technical support team have provided. It was because of their help, that I finally decided to get my own domain name and upgrade to DynIP Pro. No matter what my connection is, I will be a loyal customer of DynIP."
L.Perez, Mass., USA

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