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DynIP Reseller Opportunities

It’s a new customer, but with a familiar question, “How can I get more out of my Internet connection?”

Wouldn’t you like to offer a solution that:
  • Will meet your customer’s needs and work great

  • Won’t waste your valuable time

  • Reinforces your reputation as a computer genius, and

  • Earns you extra money, too?

Here’s how:
Become a member of our Reseller Team and recommend, the premier Dynamic DNS Internet service to help your customers.

With DynIP, your small business, home-based and network administration customers will gain an easy-to-use, reliable and economical way to expand their access to a variety of Internet features, including:

  • Using a personal domain name

  • Creating a personal e-mail address

  • Running a website

  • Accessing files from a remote site

  • Managing an e-mail server

  • Creating e-mail aliases

  • Transferring ftp files

  • Providing e-mail for new staff

  • Monitoring computer-based security systems while on the road

  • Changing ISPs without changing e-mail addresses

  • E-linking to satellite offices

  • And more!

Reseller opportunities exist for qualified value added resellers, system integrators and consultants that specialize in serving the needs of small and medium companies on a regional, national and global basis and are seeking to increase their revenues.

Earn 10% – 45% commission on each DynIP sale you help establish. And we recognize how valuable your time is. As a special feature of the DynIP Reseller Program, commission rate increases are based on the strength of the sales history you establish, as well as on the actual number of successful referral sales you generate.


Best of all, you won’t have to waste your time on product registration, service support, or subscription administration. As an authorized DynIP Reseller, you’ll be able to offer your customers an exclusive link to the website. All your customers have to do is follow the straightforward instructions for downloading and subscribing to the DynIP product of their choice. If, on the outside chance, any assistance is needed, your customers can use our extensive website FAQ and information database, or call our topnotch technical service staff – at no charge.

Your reseller account will be credited with the referral as soon as it is verified. We’ll even provide regular status reports on your credited referral sales!


But, don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself why DynIP has consistently received top marks from its users since 1996. And our new service packages and prices will mean more benefits and greater value for your customers!


We’d love to help you build customer loyalty and improve your revenue by having you on our winning DynIP Reseller Team. To learn more about the DynIP Reseller Program and its terms and conditions, simply send an email message to or contact us by telephone at 519-332-6900.