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How to configure your D-Link DI-704P Router with pcAnywhere

Setting up port forwarding in your router.

  1. Log in to your router.
    Open up your web browser. Enter in the web browsers Address field. Press the Enter key

  2. The Enter Network Password window will appear. Windows XP users will see a
    Connect to window.

    The factory default User Name is admin and the default Password is blank (empty).

  3. Click the Advanced tab from the top menu.

  4. Click the Virtual Server button on the left of the screen.

  5. Example entry for the pcAnywhere software.

    The ID field is automatically assigned.
    Click the Enable check box.
    Enter the range 5631-5632 in the Service Ports field.
    Enter the destination PC's IP address in the Service IP field. This is the IP address of
    the computer that is actually running the pcAnywhere host software.
    For Schedule select Always.

  6. Click the Apply button to save your port forwarding entry.

Repeat step 4 for each service you want to provide to the outside internet.

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