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What Our Customers Say

"About 4 Months ago I got ADSL and wanted to use it to its full potential. That is, to post a web site for my family and friends to view and communicate with each other. A friend told me about DynIP. AWESOME! Installed it as a Service and away I went! Re-boot and the software automaticly updated my info, even if I wasn't at my system. I would recommend DynIP to anyone!"
M. McTernen, Washington, USA

"This is a great service, that beats out all of the 'free' ones, keep up the GREAT work!"
DynIP Customer, Ontario, Canada

"The service strikes me as being the single most reliable aspect of my internet experience. Websites that I frequent, and even my ISP, are more likely to be inaccessible than the DynIP Servers are. This unparalleled stability and consistency are what come to mind first when I think of your company."
Ken K., South Carolina, USA

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