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What Our Customers Say

8 out of 10 repeat customers call DynIP "reliable" and "easy to use"

"I am using Dynip for a couple of accounts. I love the ease and the flexibilty of it. "For what it was going to cost me a month with a static IP, I can pay for a couple of years worth of DynIP. I have not found any problems with DynIP, I use a mail server, webserver, realaudio server, and a few other things, all locked in a domain name and everything works flawlessly. They were a lifesaver, and most important, A Money Saver."
M. Sager, Michigan, USA

"For some time I searched for a program to resolve the difficulty that I was having with regard to dynamic IP address. After much frustration with problematic installations I found on the internet and my troubles were over in a couple of minutes. Thanks DynIP!"
P. McCormack, New Brunswick, Canada

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