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What Our Customers Say

Here's what our subscribers are saying about DynIP Service: "Great service - always reliable - updates fast!"..."This is an awesome service! Works great!"..."Great service. How could we live without it?"

"I just wanted to say thanks for your help, I am very satisfied with your technical support."
DynIP Customer, Napoles, Mexico

"I started using the DynIP free service with a dial-up account. I thought it was great. As business started to grow, I needed something more reliable than my dial-up account, so I moved up to a dedicated ISDN line for my server, and I also wanted to implement my own domain name. I knew that hosting my own DNS servers would be a big hassle and costly, so again I turned to DynIP for help. I looked through all the service plans they had available and compared the ease of use of the DynIP client to running a DNS server and also the cost of the service plan compared to what I would be paying an ISP for the rights to host my own DNS servers. I figured out that I would come out much better with DynIP cost wise and configuration wise. I have since changed servers many times, upgraded connection types, and my IP has changed several times, and all I've had to do is install the DynIP client and enter some numbers, and it's done. Nothing more to worry about. Overall I give DynIP 4 out of 4 stars for cost, reliability, and ease of use. Easy to install, easy to maintain, and affordable for anyone from a home business to a fortune 500 company."
M. Hayes, Tennessee, USA

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